Deqen Galsang Pozhang
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Deqen Galsang Pozhang

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Deqen Galsang Pozhang

Deqen Galsang Pozhang – Brief Introduction

Deqen Galsang Pozhang is the summer palace of Panchen Lamas. It was originally built at Gonggyue Lingka. It was built by Seventh Panchen Lama in 1844 (the second year during the regime of Emperor Guangxu of Chinese Qing Dynasty). There are chanting assemblies and Dhammapalas in Gonggyue Lingka. It was destroyed by the strong flood in 1954. The central government allocated half a million RMB for the restoration of Gonggyue Lingka. And it was changed to Deqen Galsang Pozhang and also named New Palace.

Deqen Galsang Pozhang is located to the southwest of Shigatse and is about 500 meters away from the Tashilhunpo Monastery in its south. The construction complex of Deqen Galsang Pozhang is composed of the New Palace and the original Gonggyue Lingka. There are living quarters, offices, chapels of Panchen Lamas in the main construction. There are also 100 Buddhas stationed in the main hall.

Deqen Galsang Pozhang - Architecture

Deqen Galsang Pozhang integrated the traditional Tibetan and modern architectural styles. It is traditional and unsophisticated, magnificent and beautiful. It is coved with dense forests and colorful flowers. Tourists here would be the slave of the beautiful and pleasing landscapes.

There are four red pillars in front of the front gate of Deqen Galsang Pozhang. The gate was decorated with vivid beasts and flowers. There are colorful murals presenting about the stories related to Buddhism on the walls.

The quadrangle courtyard of Deqen Galsang Pozhang is behind the second gate. It looks really gorgeous and splendid. The garden in southeast Deqen Galsang Pozhang is one of the four biggest gardens in Shigatse. On festivals, the local Tibetans and tourists would hold various celebration activities here.

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