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Tibetan Jewel Box

Update: Jan. 25th, 2013

Tibetan Jewel Boxes

In different districts, there are different styles of jewel box. On stalls of Barkhor Street, among various small articles, these magnificent jewel boxes are so attractive. Those exquisite jewel boxes in different colors and styles are showing their rich Tibetan characteristics. These jewel boxes not only can be used to contain your ornaments, but also can be regarded as decoration in the house. Hence, it is a really good tourism souvenir in your Tibet tour.

Tibetan Jewel Box – Handmade Auspicious Jewel Box

This kind of jewel box is very common and beautiful. It is made by local girls. The round jewel box is red which give people a kind of happy and auspicious feelings. The interior of the jewel box is rolled up by black cotton cloth. The exterior is decorated by red beads, white small shells and cooper products which carved with green patterns. The top of the jewel box is a round cooper ornament. In Tibet, even in China, round means auspicious. To slightly move the cover of jewel box, you will see the jewel box is tightly sewed up with black strings.

The diameter of this kind of jewel box is about 7cm, and the price is about 25 CNY. The diameter of the largest jewel box is about 15cm, and the price is about 70 CNY.

Tibetan Jewel box – Yak Bone Jewel box

This is a kind of jewel box with rich exotic flavor. Based on the introduction of a Tibetan girl, this kind of jewel box comes from Indian. The exterior of the box is inlayed with yak bones. This kind of jewel box is with much shapes and decorations.

Shapes of yak bone jewel boxes include quadrangle, octagon, round, oval, etc. In general, this kind of box is stuck up. The seam will be wrapped by copper. The interior is covered by flannelette, and the seam is connected with brass buckle. Since this kind of box comes from Indian, the decoration is also with Indian characteristics.

The yak bone jewel box is also handmade. Since the size of yak bone is different, the size of each box is also different. Some of these yak bone jewel boxes are also with some dark spots. That's the feature of yak bone.

The price of this kind of yak bone jewel box is a little expensive. The box which is as large as hand is about 70 CNY. The smallest box which only can contain a pair of earring is about 20 CNY.

Tibetan Jewel box – Tibetan Silver Jewel Box

In general, Tibetan silver jewel box will be carved with complicate patterns and inlayed with a large amount of colorful stones. Since Tibetan silver is deformable, the shape of silver jewel box is also surprising and changeable. Commonly, the silver jewel box is with four horns on bottom and exquisite and complicate patterns. The price of Tibetan silver jewel box varies from 20 CNY to 80 CNY.

Tibetan Jewel box – Peachwood Jewel Box

This kind of jewel box is rarely seen on Barkhor Street. You only can find it in a national market on the way to Jokhang Temple. Since it is made up of peachwood, it is with natural fragrance.

In general, this kind of jewel box is in shape of square, with simple and delicate patterns on surface. Among these jewel boxes, the peachwood jewel box is the most practical. The price of peachwood jewel box varies from 35 CNY to 80 CNY.

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