Tibetan Handicraft
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Tibetan Handicraft

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Tibetan Handicraft

Tibetan Handicraft – Woodcarving Painting

Woodcarving painting is a part of Tibetan traditional art. Its content including religious art, nationality life and building furnishing.

Woodcarving painting owns a long history in Shigatse area; it is in simple style and reflects Tibetans' sentiment, rustic character and wisdom. The technique of expression is very terse, and pays more attention to show the shape by spirit. It is not only rich in furnishing function, but also valuable for appreciation.

The furniture and religious article with woodcarving painting is one of folk traditional technics in Tsang. When you came into Tibetans' residence, you will be attracted by the carved patterns, exquisitely carved Tibetan wardrobe, Tibetan desk and Tibetan niche for Buddha, as well as the window, door and poles in the room. Tibetan furniture was made up of pine, cotton wood and mahogany. It is uniquely shaped and with various woodcarving paintings on it.

In recent years, the woodcarving painting technics inherited and developed the traditional techniques and get constantly innovation and development. With the increase of visitors, some companies in Shigatse District developed mini woodcarving painting, niche for Buddha, Tibetan wardrobe and others tourist souvenirs to meet the visitors' need.

Tibetan Handicraft – Handicraft Tapestry

Tapestry (also named wallhanging) is competitive works of Mini Tibetan carpet. Although it is same with Tibetan carpet in technics, the designs on it is more complex. Every detail of tapestry is carefully made; the design is clear and without mistakes. It just likes to print the complex design on the tapestry. So, it requires the workers own high skills. At the same time, as the design is very complex and need several colors wool yarn which must be jersey instead of the wool yarn used in Tibetan carpet, which added more procedures. So, the costs of tapestry are higher than Tibetan carpet.

Handicraft tapestry is an innovation of Tibetan silk industry. At present, the design of tapestry not only includes ancient mountains-and-water painting, traditional designs, but also every kind of designs in traditional painting form, like Qomolangma Mount, the Great Wall, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the Potala Palace, Tashilhunpo monastery, palkor Chode, goddess, wild bull head and grassland.

With the development of handicraft tapestry, the Tibetan "Zhongsi" is not only a kind of traditional living goods, but high class gift and tourist souvenir which is valuable for tasting and collecting, has a good reputation.

Tibetan Handicraft – Wine Set

Tibetan wine set is exquisite in workmanship, with rich nationality characteristic and local characteristic. This product was made up by casting, hammering, carving, welding and buffing. Among the work procedures, carving is the most important one. The flagon carved with Three Knights; Tiger, Lion, Eagle, Dragon; Phoenix, Tiger, Owned Crane, Rhinoceros and other designs from up to bottom. The goblet carved with Eight Immortals Design; Tiger, Lion, Eagle, Dragon; Four Knights Group Design and some other designs from up to bottom. All the mountains, rivers and animals on the wine set are vivid. The wine set owns grumous nationality characteristic. As the carvings on the wine set has rich history stories, so it not only valuable in practical, but also valuable for tasting and collecting.

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