Tibetan Amulet – Gawu
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Tibetan Amulet – Gawu

Update: Feb. 16th, 2013


Tibetan Amulet – Brief Introduction of Gawu

The importance of Gawu in Tibetans' daily life is equal to the amulet for people of Han Nationality. In general, the Gawu is a kind of silver, gold or copper small box. The appearance of Gawu is very small and exquisite, and carvings and decorations on it are very beautiful and fine. Some Gawu are inlayed with gemstones, turquoise, pearls and other jewelries. Commonly, there is clay or metal statues of Buddhas, pills or pellets of Tibetan medicine, small images of Buddha or the picture of Living Buddha or some religious articles in the Gawu. Tibetans will always take the Gawu with them to pray for the blessing of God, protect them and dispel evil spirits.

Tibetan Amulet – Articles in Gawu

People who have connection with Tibetan religion almost have one or more than one Gawu. When take part in religious activities, they will take the Gawu with them to get it blessed again and again. In each Gawu, there is precious thing for each one, such as the Buddhist relics of eminent monks, a kind of special pellet which was made up of the Buddhist relics of eminent monks and some precious Tibetan medicines or some other effective religious articles. Many pious Tibetan Buddhism believers think that the special pellet in Gawu can save people's life in some emergency occasions. Tibetans will put their most precious and devotional things in Gawu and take it with them all the time.

Tibetan Amulet – Materials of Gawu

In general, the materials of Gawu include gold, silver and copper. In addition, there is also wooden Gawu. The most commonly seen Gawu is silver Gawu. The shape of Gawu is also different. Commonly, the surface of the Gawu is inlayed with agate, turquoise or caved with various patterns. In Tibet, men will wear the Gawu in shape of square, and women will wear the Gawu in shape of round. Gawu is hanged on neck and hanged down in front of chest. Presently, Gawu has become one of the necessary and important articles for personal adornment for Tibetan women. It not only can be regarded as decoration, but also can protect them. Gawu not only shows the exquisite craftsmanship and special aesthetic Interest in Tibet, but also embodies gorgeousness and richness. It reflects the combination and the same nature of best wishes and beautiful appearance.

Gawu is Tibetan amulet. The appearances of Gawu for men and women are different. The Gawu for women is large and round. It is made up of silver, with statue of Buddha, Sutra mantras, other things for dispelling evil spirits or Buddhist relics in it.

After long time development, the appearance of Gawu becomes more and more beautiful. And the decorative function of Gawu becomes more and more important. When you have Tibet tour, you can buy some beautiful and exquisite Gawu for your friends and relatives as tourism souvenirs. It not only can protect you, but also can add more beautiful elements to you.

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