Tibet Thangka in Tibetan Life
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Tibet Thangka in Tibetan Life

Update: Jun. 28th, 2012

Tibet Thangka

Tibet Thangka is Tibetan specific art treasure, which means "scroll painting" in Tibetan language. The Tibet Thangka has 1300 years' history until now. The main uses of Tibet Thangka are worshipping, saluting to the Buddha image and increasing merit. As religious art work, we can appreciate the infinite beauty of Thangka and the gorgeous techniques of Tibetan artists in history from the changeable composition and bright color, as well as beautiful shape of Tibet Thangka.

Tibet Thangka is a kind of language which painted on patterns, express complex and deep Buddhism philosophy and correct ways in order to make it become more convenience for studying. Nevertheless, there are some Tibet Thangkas related with art, culture, medicine science, history, and customs and so on. It can play the function of record and preserve.

Most Tibet Thangka is a kind of textbook with explanation pictures about Tibetan Buddhism. Due to color of figure on Tibet Thangka has its specific meaning, which transmits the doctrine and methods of Buddhism into understandable expression language with specific connotative meaning, so as to lead and help scholars to experience religious ecstasy. It contains much important information about history, culture, science and some other aspects.

Tibetan is a religious nationality. In order to draw a piece of Thangka to worship, Tibetan can spend all he has. Hence, there is one or tens Tibet Thangka in Tibetan family no matter they are poor or rich. They believe that the Thangka will bring safe, auspicious and lucky to them and their family. The Tibet Thangka is also regarded as the mark of following the laws of Buddha and sacred thing for worshipping. Thus, the pigments of Tibet Thangka are very distinctive. The pigments of Tibet Thangka are mineral or plant pigments, which made from coral, agate, pearl, saffron, vermillion, pure gold and silver and so on. The Tibet Thangka which painted with these pigments will not fade even after thousands years, as splendid as it is new. The uses of golden in Thangka painting is consummate skill of Thangka. We can see that the golden on Tibet Thangka is still shining although the picture has become vague after thousands years.

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