Interior Decoration of Tibetan Traditional Architecture
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Interior Decoration of Tibetan Traditional Architecture

Update: Jan. 25th, 2013

Interior Decoration of Tibetan Traditional Architecture

The interior decoration of Tibetan folk houses focuses on neat and orderly, magnificent and brilliant. The house from ceiling to the corner of wall where connected with floor is decorated with carvings, colorful paintings or other things. The crossbeam, pillar and gate are the places to fully show Tibetans' talent of decoration. In addition, to paint colorful frescos on walls of Buddha halls and winding corridor in monasteries is also an important decoration way. But common people paint flowers and colorful strips on walls of house to decorate the house.

Interior Decoration of Tibetan Traditional Architecture – Decoration of Pillar

Decoration on pillar includes carving and colorful painting on pillar, bucket arch, crossbeam and other parts. In Tibetan houses, the pillar and crossbeam are in very obvious and important place. Hence, the decoration on these parts is closely related with the whole interior decoration. No matter exquisite palaces or common folk houses reasonably decorate these places to get solemn, magnificent and comfortable effect. For example, the pillar and crossbeam of hall for assembly in monastery is very special. The wooden rafters under ceiling orderly rank above the pillar and decorated with colorful paintings. The decoration on crossbeam is often used to fill or connect squares. The surface of crossbeam is divided in many squares with different size. These squares will be filled with Sanskrit scriptures or various flowers. There is an arch between pillar and crossbeam. Tibetans pay much attention to the decoration of arch. The arch can be divided into two levels. The upper level is long arch, and the lower level is short arch. The arch will be delicately carved and painted. The pillar and column cap are also good places for decoration. The upper part of pillar will by carved or painted with petals of flowers. Under flowers, there is pattern of pile of arrows. Under these two patterns, there is short curtain and hanging down bells style pattern. All decoration patterns on pillar almost follow this system

Interior Decoration of Tibetan Traditional Architecture – Decoration of Doorframe

The decoration of doorframe is closely related with interior decoration. The decoration of doorframe includes doorframe, lintel, eave and door plank. The door decoration of Tibetan architecture is very special. From eave to threshold is decorated with carvings and paintings. Under the eave, there is lintel which is painted with various patterns. The wooden construction members of the doorframe are carved with petals of lotus and various square patterns. The door plank is single side opening style. The door plank is painted with a single color without patterns. In addition, the doorframe decoration of common folk house also includes hanging short curtain on the door, paint two black strips on left and right brims of doorframe. The decoration of doorframe in monasteries is very complicate. The lintel of the door is decorated with carvings, and the construction members of doorframe include six or seven levels. No matter folk house or monastery requires that the decoration of doorframe must coordinate with interior decoration of pillar from color to carvings.

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