Categories of Tibet Thangka
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Categories of Tibet Thangka

Update: Jun. 28th, 2012

Tibet Thangka

After thousands years' hard work of numberless painters and folk limners, by absorbing painting techniques from Central Plains Culture, Nepal and India, the Thangka formed is unique painting art.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Story Painting

This kind of paintings use "Z" shape pattern to show some abstract religious dogma. When describe human sufferings, this kind of painting mainly use the sufferings in real life as materials. Although the artistic talent of these painters is restricted by priggish religious principles about painting, they also use their own judgment about real life to express their emotions, making Tibet Thangka reflect impressive ideological content and national character.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Historical Genre Painting

The painters often use overview style composition, divide the historical stories into several fragments and show them on a same scene. Painters break through the limitation of measure in historical genre paintings; skillfully make up their familiar society and people to reflect the real life with religious materials. For example, to show the folk customs of ancient people, singing and dances in festivals, Tibetan opera, horse racing and so on through Buddhism stories, which expressed the unique artistic ingenuity of painters.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Historical Figure Painting

Painters create out artistic images based on real person in history. When drew figures, Tibetan painters pay more attention to inner characteristics and emotion expression, while not stick to the real appearance.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Decorative Pattern Painting

About the form of expression, Tibet Thangka not only drew some figments on pictures, including the splendid Paradise Picture which depicts a happy world on earth. Tibet Thangka painters also draw some Buddhism content in the decoration and geometric patterns. The delicate organized patterns on Tibet Thangka fully show the artistic talent of Tibet Thangka painters.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Practical Teaching Material Painting

This kind of Tibet Thangka mainly shows on the hanging chart of Tibetan medicine. For example, the Wishful Tree in "Manbazhalun", which vividly explained people's recognition to body construction through the root, branches, leaves of the tree. It became vivid teaching material in Tibetan medicine.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Decorative Painting

This kind of Tibet Thangka mainly focus on mountain rocks, stream, flowers and grass, animals, pavilions, lotus, god of longevity with white hair and so on. This kind of Tibet Thangka often draws some animals into special landscape, which increases the folk art interest of these paintings, show bright nationality characteristics.

Categories of Tibet Thangka – Poetry Painting

This kind of Tibet Thangka is a unique painting style which combines poetry and painting together. It put Mantra and some other words into the decorative patterns. The most distinctive feature of this kind of painting is that the words will be a complete but different sentence when you read it from right to left, left to right, up to down, or down to up. There are lotuses or golden hall with dragons around the picture, which make the style more special.

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