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Tibetan Carpet

Update: Dec. 23rd, 2011

Tibetan Carpet

Tibetan carpet is one of the one of the three most famous carpets in the world. It enjoys the same reputation with Persia carpet and Turkey carpet. It is noted for its special weave, bright colors, good material and high quality. Besides, the particular Tibetan style decorative patterns made it more outstanding among various carpets in the world. It has been selected as one of the most typical Tibetan handicraft with great practical value and appreciation value.

Tibetan carpet is a traditional handicraft with long history in Tibet. The wool with superior quality from the northern Tibetan plateau is adopted as the raw material of Tibetan carpet. It is weaved by the local handicraftsman and is colored with natural plants. It is characterized by soft, durable, beautiful and lavish. It plays important role in the dampproof and cold defense for people live in plateau area.

The traditional Tibetan carpet involved n rich religious factors. The Buddhism factors and figures were widely applied in the manufacture of the carpets. These carpets with rich and various decorative factors present Tibetan's intelligence and the spiritual strength, as well as the expectation and imagination for the future. The original and natural decorative patterns on the Tibetan carpets fully display the natural landscapes and the local flavors of the "roof of the world" - Tibet.

There are many workshops of Tibetan carpet in Tibet and the carpet in Gyangtse of Shigatse Prefecture enjoys highest reputation in the world. There are many types of Tibetan carpet, including rug, tapestry and little carpet. Gyangtse was praised as the hometown of little carpet. It has a carpet history of more than 600 years. Almost all the families in Gyangtse could weave practical and beautiful Tibetan carpets.

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