Public Security in Tibet
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Public Security in Tibet

Update: Apr. 9th, 2012

Shoton Festival

Security of person and security is a big concern for tourists planning to tour to Tibet. The public security in Tibet Autonomous Region keeps improving recent years. The Tibetan Buddhism has a long history and is widely spread. A large number of Tibetans believe in Tibetan Buddhism. Most of the local Tibetans are very kind-hearted and hospitable. Both the citizens and the Buddhists in the monasteries are pleased to communicate with the tourists.

A lot of tourists would be moved by the pure eyes and smiles of the local Tibetans during their trip in Tibet. They will wave their hands with smile to show their friendliness and present you their blessing. If you pay a visit to a Tibetan family, they will treat you as an honored guest. You will be treated with delicious food and drink.

Today, a large number of local Tibetans could speak mandarin. The Tibetan children accept good education in schools. Some of them could speak a little English. Tourists could communicate with them smoothly.

Tourists don't need to worry about the safety problem when communicating with the local Tibetans. When it comes to the unsafe factors in Tibet, the natural disasters take a relatively large proportion. The safety and security of the classic tour routes in Tibet had been managed very well. But because of the special geological characters of Tibet, the natural disasters happen frequently, including the mud-rock flow, collapse, and blizzard. Besides, the precipitous terrain and hard road conditions also caused a lot of accidents.

The following are matters need your attention:

1.Prepare some changes with you. There are some children beggars in Tibet. They will be very happy if you give them some small changes.

2.Be away from the drunken local Tibetans.

3.If you want to take a close picture of the local Tibetans, get permissions first. That will avoid you the unwanted troubles.

4.Don't activate in the unfamiliar and devious regions in the night.

5.Respect the religion and tradition of the local Tibetans.

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