Altitude Sickness in Tibet
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Altitude Sickness in Tibet

Update: Dec. 30th, 2011

Potala Palace

How to avoid or relieve altitude sickness?

The best way to avoid or relieve altitude sickness is keep good state of mind. A lot of sickness symptoms are caused by psychological effect. Be scared of plateau, and be lack of mental preparation or determination of overcome the plateau will lead to altitude sickness.

Tourists are advised to walk slowly when you firstly arrive in Lhasa. You couldn't eat and drink too much so as to relieve the stress of the peptic. You are also advised to stop drinking and smoking. You should drink enough water and take in vegetables and fruits. You should try your best to adapt yourself to the plateau environment at first, or you will be too dependent on the oxygen uptake in the after days.

You can take some medicines which could relieve the altitude sickness, such as Rhodiola (which is useful in relieving fatigue), American ginseng, and Paracetamol (which would help to relieve the headache symptoms caused by altitude sickness). To the person who has a strong adaptability to the plateau, the symptoms of the altitude sickness would disappear in 1-2 days. To the person who has a weak adaptability to the plateau, the symptoms of the altitude sickness would disappear in 3-4 days.

How to deal with the altitude sickness?

There are hospitals or health centers in the towns or hotels in Tibet. The mild altitude sickness could be eliminated by self-adjustment. If you have some altitude sickness, you should take enough rest and take some medicines which could relieve the sickness.

Tourists have to go to see a doctor if you have a severe altitude sickness. The symptoms of the severe altitude sickness include edema, pulmonary edema and bad cold. When these symptoms appear, you should leave the plateau as soon as possible. All these symptoms would disappear after you arrive in the plain and there would be no sequelae at all.

The following people are not advised to enter into Tibet:

There is no special for the healthy people who want to tour to Tibet. All they need to do is keep a good state in mind. People who has severe diseases of respiratory symptoms, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, bronchitis, glycosuria or bad cold are not advised to tour to Tibet.

The cold patients are not advised to tour to Tibet since their disease-resistance is weakened and their body function is damaged. The cold might cause some dangerous altitude diseases. So the tourists must cure their cold before they enter into Tibet.

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