Zuogong County in Tibet
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Zuogong County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 4th, 2013

Zuogong County

Zuogong County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Zuogong County is located in the southeastern Qamdo prefecture and the southeast part of Tibet. It is border on Mangkang County in the east and adjoins Chayu County of Nyingchi Prefecture in the south. To the west, it is border on Basu County. To the north, it is border on Chaya County.

Zuogong County stretches approximately 408 kilometers long from the east to the west, and about 220 kilometers long from the south to the north. It covers an area of 11837.3 square kilometers in total.

318 National Highway and 214 National Highway are both available in the entire region. 318 National Highway refers to Sichuan-Tibet Highway and 214 National Highway refers to Qinghai-Yunnan Highway. With the very convenient transportation, Zuogong County was the way which must be passed to enter and go out of Tibet along the Ancient Tea-horse Road in old times.

Zuogong County in Tibet – Climate

Zuogong County in Tibet is characteristic of the plateau temperature semi-arid climate zone. The average temperature is 4.3 ? and the annual temperature difference is 19.2 ?. The frostless period lasts 87 days and the annual precipitation is 408.2 mm. The duration of sunlight is 2186 hours. The average temperature in a day is higher than 10 °. In winter and spring, the climate is cold and dry. In summer, there is lots of rain.

Zuogong County in Tibet – Geography

Zuogong County is situated in the area surrounded by Nu River, Lancang River and Yuqu River. There are 78 lakes in Zuogong County in Tibet.

The average elevation of Zuogong County is 3750 meters high. The highest peak in Zuogong County in Tibet is Qyuela Peak. It is 5434 meters high. There are many other high mountains in Zuogong County in Tibet such as Dongda Mountain, Dola Mountain, Chawazhu Mountain, and Meili Snow Mountain, etc. Meili Snow Mountain is available border on Yunnan Province, too. Meili Snow Mountain is regarded as the sacred mountain by local Tibetan people. Large numbers of devout pilgrims come here to pray every year.

Zuogong County in Tibet – Folk Items

The butter bucket is one of the major folk items in Tibet. It is comprised by two parts. One part is the simple bucket. It is usually made of the Korean pine in Zuogong County. In other regions in Tibet, it may be made of the bamboo cane. The bucket is about 66 centimeters high. The other part is the stirrer. It looks like a small spoon.

Tibetan knife is another one of the major folk items in Tibet. Tibetan knife is a personal adornment of Tibetan people. Some Tibetan people in Zuogong County would like to wear it in the waist. The herdsmen use the long Tibetan knife to protect themselves from the wild animals, and the farmers use it to chop the firewood. The short sword is usually used to slaughter and cut meat. Some of the hilts are decorated with the jewelries, agates and other valuables. Tibetan knife is also produced in Zuogong County and it once awarded a prize in Hong Kong Trade Fair.

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