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Zham Port

Update: Jan. 6th, 2013

Zham Port

Zham Port – Brief Introduction

Zham Port is located in Zham Town, at the southern foot of Mt. Himalaya. It borders Nepal. It is the only national grade one overland trade port in Tibet. Most of the Sherpas in Tibet (there are about 1000 Sherpas in Tibet) inhabit here. Zham Port is the biggest border trade port in Tibet so far.

Zham Port is only about 90 kilometers away from Kathmandu – capital of Nepal. Some foreigner tourists would like to take it as the entrance or exit of Tibet. The 14th highest peak in the world – Shishapangma Peak is located in Zham Town. There are dense primitive forests, peculiar glaciers and beautiful lakes, as well as famous historical interests.

Zham Town is about 2300 meters above the sea level. It is a small town constructed against the mountain. It is noted for its natural landscapes. The modern architectures and ancient wooden constructions scattered along the two sides of the highway winds around the mountain.

Zham Port - Geographic Location

Zham Port is the biggest trade port opened to the South Asian Subcontinent in China. It borders Nepal. It is the throne of the national grade one highway: China-Nepal Highway. Zham Port is about 736 kilometers away from Lhasa and 120 kilometers away from Kathmandu – capital of Nepal. It is the main passage for the political, economic and cultural communication between China and Nepal.

Faces the central area of Nepal, the convenient overland transportation promotes the development and prosperity of Zham Port. The national boundary – the Friendship Bridge between China and Nepal is about 1700 meter above the sea level. There are also complete basic facilities and administrations.

Zham Port – Local Characteristics

Zham Port belongs to the subtropical zone. It enjoys a humid climate and the natural landscape here is pretty beautiful. Most of the buildings here are two or three-storey houses. There are many corners on the streets in Zham Town since it was built against the mountain.

There are small gardens and iron sheet roofs on most of the houses in Zham Town. There are also various colorful religious flags and lucky trees on the top pf the houses. Theses decorations made Zham Town very eye-catching among the green mountains.

As a busy trade port, Zham Town is very prosperous. There are hundreds of stores along the highway. The commodities from India and Nepal are also available here. Tourists and businessmen from various countries collected here.

China Customs is at the end of the street of Zham Town. Tourists in China would leave for Nepal from here. The Friendship Bridge at the border of China and Nepal is several kilometers away from here.

Zham Port – Trade and Scenic Spots

The main commodities imported from Nepal through Zham Port are rice, flour, pepper and perfume. The main commodities exported to Nepal through Zham Port are wool, tea, salt and Tibetan medicines. The total trade of Zham Port reached 32061 tons in 2010 and the total trade value reached 0.337 billion RMB. Tourists here would be impressed by this small, ancient and prosperous town.

The most amazing place at Zham Port is Qingbugou (Black Cloth Ditch). There is a proverb goes that you could experience the four seasons and enjoy different landscapes at Qingbugou. There is even a great quantity of cuckoos on the mountains over 4000 meter above the sea level.

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