Shasima Town in Tibet
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Shasima Town in Tibet

Update: Jan. 21st, 2013

Shasima Town

Shasima Town is located in Yatong County of Shigatse region. It is surrounded by the thick mountains of Himalaya Mountain Range. It is back against the mountains and face to the water. To the east, Shasima Town is border on the Kingdom of Bhutan. To the west, It is border on Sikkim. To the south, it adjoins the Gupumatsen Mountain Range which is situated in the junction of China, the kingdom of Bhutan and Sikkim.

Shasima Town in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Shasima town is the border City of Yatong County. To the north, it could lead to Gyantse. To the south, it could lead to the kingdom of Bhutan and Sikkim. Shasima Town is also very close to India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is approximately 6 kilometers south away from Yatong County. If you drive to the west on the way to Yatong County you will be arrival in Gangtok – the capital of Sikkim. If you drive to the east, you will reach the land of the kingdom of Bhutan.

Shasima Town is always acted as the trade distributing center of Tibet and other South Asia countries since old times. In 1888, it has been approved to be the commercial port by Qing Dynasty; the border trade has become more and more prosperous. In recent years, the border trade in Yatong County has become more popular, too.

Shasima Town in Tibet – Natural Scenery

Shasima Town is characteristic of magnificent natural sceneries with humid climate. It is full of thick forests, numerous rare flora and fauna. Pali – once praised as the highest town of the world, is located in north part of Shasima Town approximately 40 kilometers to the north.

In Shasima Town, the architecture is characteristic of the pine attic. The pine attic is encircled by the wooden fence. The unique and distinctive paintings are available on the wall, railing, and the eave. It is colorful and very beautiful.

Shasima Town in Tibet – History

After the invasion of British army in 1904, Shasima Town was approved to be the commercial port during Qing Dynasty. The border trade has gradually become prosperous since then on. Therefore Shasima Town was once highly praised as the "little Hong Kong" in Tibet region. The jeep of the 14th Dalai Lama's was once transferred to Lhasa from Shasima Town. It is still preserved in Norbu Lingka in Lhasa city.

Shasima Town in Tibet – Attraction

Dongga Monastery in Shasima Town has more than 500 years history. It belongs to Gelug Monastery. The famous Kangpu hot-spring is approximately 30 kilometers north away from Shasima Town.

Shasima Town in Tibet – Culture

Shasima Town in Tibet is characteristic of the wood culture. There is only one street in Shasima Town, but the wooden carvings and paintings are available on both sides of the street. There is a wooden balcony upstairs, which looks like the tea house of Sichuan Province, or the theatrical hall of Beijing. Even though the street is not very big, there are also full of the little bars, hair salon and fashion shop.

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