Riwoqe County in Tibet
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Riwoqe County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 7th, 2013

Riwoqe County

Riwoqe County in Tibet – Overview

Riwoqe County is located in the north part of Qamdo Prefecture and the northeast part of Tibet Autonomous Region. In the north, it adjoins Qinghai Province. In the west, it adjoins Tingqing County. In the south, it adjoins Basu County and Lolong County. In the east, it adjoins Qamdo Prefecture. It stretches about 116 kilometers long from the northwest part to the southeast part, and about 71 kilometers long from the southwest part to the northeast part. It covers an area of 6355.48 square kilometers.

Sangdo Town is the county center of Riwoqe County in Tibet, located in the junction of 317 National Highway and 214 National Highway. 317 National Highway is originated from Chengdu City of Sichuan Province to Ngari Prefecture of Tibet. 214 National Highway is originated from Qinghai Province to Yunnan Province. Sangdo Town is approximately 947 kilometers far from Lhasa City, 105 kilometers far from Qamdo town and 101 kilometers far from Bangda Airport. It is about 230 kilometers far from Nangqyan County of Qinghai Province and about 1400 kilometers far from Chengdu City.

Riwoqe County in Tibet – Climate

Riwoqe County is characteristic of the plateau temperate semi-humid climate with rich sunshine. The annual temperature difference is little but the temperature difference is obviously large in daytime and night. The temperature is a little lower. The annual average temperature is about 2.5 ?. In January the temperature is about -6?, and in July the temperature is about 12?. The daily average temperature which over 5? lasts 120 days. The daily temperature difference is about 15?. The annual frostless period lasts about 50 days. The duration of sunshine lasts about 2163 hours. The annual precipitation is about 566 millimeters.

Riwoqe County in Tibet – Geography

Riwoqe County is located in the northwest part of Bosula Mountain of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain. The east part of Riwoqe County is characteristic of the typical high mountain gorge landform and the west part of Riwoqe County is characteristic of the plateau landform. The terrain of Riwoqe County is higher in the west part but lower in the east part. The average elevation is about 4500 meters and the county center is about 3810 meters high. Besides, the major mountains in Riwoqe County in Tibet include Sege Mountain (5258m), Machala Mountain (5220m) and Mapeng Mountain (5152m), etc.

Riwoqe County in Tibet – Transportation

Qamdo Bangda Airport is the longest and highest airport throughout the world. There is only one airline operated between Qamdo Prefecture and Chengdu City every week. The other airlines are operated between Lhasa City and Qamdo Prefecture. It takes about 1 hour from Lhasa to Qamdo.

Besides, the starting price of the taxi in Riwoqe County in Tibet is 5 RMB. The starting price of the public bus is only 1 RMB. The starting price of the tricycle costs about 3-4 RMB.

Riwoqe County in Tibet – Attractions

Riwoqe County is famous for both of the natural sceneries and the cultural landscapes in Tibet. It is called the bright pearl of eastern Tibet region. It is rich in the nature resource such as the primitive forests, limpid plateau lakes, and magnificent rivers, etc.

Riwoqe Town is an age-old town with profound history in Riwoqe County. Riwoqe Monastery has more than 700-year history, which is a famous monastery of Kagyu Sect in northeastern Tibet. The architecture of Riwoqe Monastery is characteristic of the combined building style of Han people's, Tibetan people's and Nepalese.

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