Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet
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Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Nyingchi Prefecture

Nyingchi Prefecture is like an area to the South of the Yangtze River in Tibet.

On the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Nyingchi Prefecture is 3,000 meters above sea level, it has a moist weather and a beautiful natural scenery, the Monba and Lhoba ethnic people living here with their own unique habits and customs. The Namjagbarwa Peak, the world-known Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, the Lake Pagsum Co, Zayu and Bome attract tourists from home and abroad with their unique natural sceneries.

Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet – Geography

Parallel stretching from the west with the Himalayas and Mt. Nyainqentanglha and adjoining to the Mt. Hengduan in the east, Nyingchi Prefecture situated at the center area among the mountains surrounded by dense forests. With its own unique terrain and magnificent scenery Nyingchi is known as the Switzerland in Tibet and said to be the area to the South of the Yangtze River in Tibet.

Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet – Terrain

Nyingchi Prefecture is called as the Sun Throne in Tibetan language with border line as long as 1006.5 kilometers. It adjoins to India and Burma in south. Consists of Milin Prefecture, Gongbo's gyanda Prefecture, Medog Prefecture, Bome Prefecture, Zayu Prefecture, and Langshan Prefecture, Nyingchi Prefecture covers a total area of 117,000 square kilometers, more than 140,000 population.

Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet – Bayi Town

Nyingchi Prefecture located at the lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River with an elevation around 3000 meters high. The climate is comfortable for travel and the scenery there is charming especially the Bayi Town, Lake Pagsum Co, and the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon. The Bayi Town located at the bank of Niyang River, which is the cultural center of politics and economy.

Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet – Lake Pagsum Co

Also known as the Lake Pagsum Co, it is in Xoka District in Gongbogyamda Country with an elevation of more than 4,000 meters. It is more than 300 kilometers away from Lhasa. There is an ancient temple of the Nyingma Sect built in the 17th century. During the "Waking around the Lake Festival" on the 15th of the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar, Buddhist believers from Nyingchi Prefecture and other places come to walk around the lake.

Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet – Natural Landscape

The natural landscape of Nyingchi Prefecture is preserved well such as huge Cress tree, Himalaya cedar, plants living fossil and hundreds of cuckoos. Nyingchi Prefecture is praised as the "Virgin Natural Museum" and "Natural Green Gene Data Base".

Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet – Attraction

Nyingchi Prefecture is the gathering place for some minority people such as the Moinba nationality and the Lhoba nationality, which keeps the traditional habit of religious belief in their daily life. The ancient legends and clans, folk custom, the totem worship of village and the religious myths made the Nyingchi Prefecture of mysterious and legendary. There are large numbers of monasteries of Buddhism and Bon Sect, besides the picturesque natural landscape.

Known as the most depth canyon and the largest gap of vertical distribution landscape of the world, there are also full of the rich vegetation and the wildlife resources in Nyingchi Prefecture, which keeps the original natural landscape well. Nyingchi Prefecture is the one of few virgin lands in the world.

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