Ngari Town in Tibet
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Ngari Town in Tibet

Update: Jan. 21st, 2013

Ngari Town

Ngari Town in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Ngari Town is where the government office of Ngari Prefecture located. It is situated in Qyangtang Grassland Plateau and the north part of Tibet. It was firstly constructed in 1959, approximately 4500 meters high. It covers an area of 720 square kilometers with 13000 populations. Besides Tibetan people, there are some other minorities.

Ngari Town is also the distributing centre of animal by-products and native products of northern Tibet pasture. This county is characteristic of National handicraft industry and Raw material processing.

Ngari Town in Tibet – Facilities

The general facilities are almost available in Ngari Town in Ngari County, such as primary school, middle school, the People's hospital, post office, art troupe, and meteorological observatory, etc. Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Heilongjiang–Qamdo Highway are both available throughout Ngari Town.

Ngari town was approved as the open tourism area of Tibet Region. In August every year, the horse racing will be held in Ngari Town in Tibet, which attracts large numbers of tourists and local Tibetans. Xiaodeng Monastery is the local largest monastery in Nagri town.

Ngari Town in Tibet – History

According to the historical record, Ngari Town was the important traffic hinge of Northern Tibet, and the trade distributing centre. In Qing Dynasty, it was once called Halawusu, and Kalawusu. Ngari was named as one river in Ngari town. (The river is named Ngari)

According to the historical record, people started living here since the middle period of the 18th century. There were Tibetan businessmen, Mongolian doctors, Hui People (Hui people is a minority nation), blacksmith, carpenter, stonemason and silversmith. In 1960, the name of Ngari town was official approved by the central government. Nowadays, it becomes the political, economical, and cultural and traffic center of northern Tibet.

Ngari Town in Tibet – Transportation

It is approximately 326 kilometers away from Lhasa to Ngari Town. It takes you about 4-6 hours driving on the way. The Qinghai-Tibet highway is available throughout Ngari town via Delong Duiqying County and Dangxong County. Delong Duiqying County and Dangxong County are both the important part of Qinghai-Tibet Highway, located over 4000 meters high. Qinghai-Tibet Highway is not only the major highway enter/to Tibet, but also the busiest one in Tibet.

Ngari Town in Tibet – Attraction

The road condition is good from Lhasa to Yampachen and then you will enjoy a great view of vast grassland forward. The ground is still flat even though the elevation is rising higher. The magnificent and amazing scenery will surprise to you.

When drive arrival at Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain, you will have a great impression of the grassland of Northern Tibet. The road and our visual field become wider. Most of the tourists would like to visit local Tibetan families to experience a unique attraction on the way.

Besides, when we drive to Dangxong County, there is a crossroads. To the left it is lead to Namtso Lake approximately over 60 kilometers. It is all the macadam. It takes about 2 hours driving to Namtso Lake.

Xiaodeng Monastery is the largest Gelug Monastery of Northern Tibet, but also the largest affiliated one of Sera Monastery.

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