Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet
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Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 4th, 2013

Mozhu Gongkya County

Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Mozhu Gongkya County is located in the middle part of Tibet region, the middle-upper reaches of Tibet region and the west part of Mila Mountain. It is very close to Lhasa City. It covers an area of 5512 square kilometers, which covers an area of 86300 mu of farmland (1 mu ≈ 0.0007 square kilometers) and an area of 4900000 mu of grassland. Besides, the woodland coverage is 42000 mu. In Tibetan language, Mozhu Gongkya literally means "the place where the green dragon lives in".

Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet – Climate

Mozhu Gongkya County is situated in the middle valley area south part of Yarlung Zangbo River. It is a part of Lhasa River plain. There are full of high mountains, valleys and grasslands. The terrain of Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet is higher in the east and lower in the west. The average elevation of Mozhu Gongkya County is over 4000 meters high.

Mozhu Gongkya County is characteristic of the plateau temperature semi-arid monsoon climate zone. The frostless period lasts about 70 days and the annual duration of sunshine is 2813.1 hours in Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet. The annual precipitation is 515.7 mm and mainly available in the period from June to September.

Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet – Attractions

Mila Mountain

Standing 5020 meters high, Mila Mountain is located in the east part of Lhasa City and acted as the boundary mountain pass of Lhasa City and Nyingchi Prefecture. Mila Mountain looks so magnificent that it is regarded as the sacred mountain by local Tibetans. There are full of hanging prayer flags and Buddhist scripture paper on the mountain pass. There is a yak statue in front of the Mila Mountain Pass.

Lhasa River

Lhasa River is originated from a valley of southern Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain to Qushui County via Ngari Prefecture, Dangxong, Linchou, Mozhu Gongkya County, Datse, Chenguan, and Duilong Deqying. The headstream of Lhasa River is 5200 meters high. It is a larger river branch of Yarlung Zangbo River and one of the highest rivers of the world.

Lhasa River is 551 kilometers long and covers an area of 32471 square kilometers. Lhasa River is deeply loved by local Lhasa people and regarded as the mother river of local people.

Dezhong Hot Spring

Dezhong Hot Spring is 4590 meters high and well known as the long history of more than 1400 years. It is approximately 140 kilometers far from Lhasa City. The road condition on the way to Dezhong Hot Spring is rough. It is the gravel road. It takes about 6 hour driving.

There is a wooden bridge cross over the stream which is nearby the hot spring. There is a pool on one side of the bridge. The water in the pool is said to be good for arthritis. The water temperature is 50 ?.

Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet – Natural Resource

There are full of natural resources in Mozhu Gongkya County in Tibet such as the gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, marble, and limestone. The wild fare flora and fauna resource includes deer, bear, wild sheep, black-necked cranes, Chinese caterpillar fungus, fritillaria and snow lotus herb, etc.

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