Mangkang County in Tibet
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Mangkang County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 4th, 2013

Mangkang County

Mangkang County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Mangkang is the southeastern gate of Tibet region since ancient times. It stretches from Batang of Sichuan Province in the east to Deqyen of Yunnan Province in the south. It was once the first station of Ancient Tea-Horse Road of Tibet. As of now, it still acted as the important junction of Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Highway. Mangkang County is a mysterious wonderful county with powerful water energy and forest resource, etc. Besides, there are full of natural sceneries in Mangkang County, such as the high snow mountains, lots of ancient rivers and primitive lakes, thick green forests, the magnificent monasteries with age-old history and the pure attractive folk customs, etc. Mangkang County surprised and impressed large numbers of tourists even though they are just pass by.

Mangkang County in Tibet – Geography

Mangkang County is located in the remote east part of Qamdo Prefecture and the Hengduan Mountain Range in Tibet Autonomous Region. It is available in the junction area of Sichuan Province, Yunan Province and Tibet Autonomous Regin. 214 National Highway and 318 National Highway are both available throughout the entire region. 214 National Highway refers to the Qinghai-Yunnan Highway and 318 Highway refers to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. What's more, Jinsha River and Lancang River flow through Mangkang County in Tibet, too.

Mangkang County is 3870 meters high and covers an area of 11632.2 square kilometers. There are different nations in Mangkang County, such as Tibetan people, Han people, Naxi people, Bai Nation people, Tujia Nation people, and Miao Nation people, etc. The number of Tibetan people accounts for 98%.

Mangkang County in Tibet – Transportation

Mangkang County is characteristic of the convenient transportation, as it is located in the junction of Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Highway. The passenger Station is located in the north part of the busiest major street in Mangkang County. The buses are operated regularly to Bangda Airport and Qamdo Prefecture. If you would like to know the detailed timetable you are welcomed to contact us or call them at 0895-4543136 for more information.

If you are self-drive along Sichuan-Tibet Highway, you already reach the "gate" of Tibet region.

Mangkang County in Tibet – Accommodation

The accommodation is nearly available on the street from the county government office to the passenger station. The cost of the hotels will be relatively higher during the peak season of Tibet tour.

Mangkang County in Tibet – Restaurant

Due to the geographic location, there are full of different food flavors of Yunan Province, Sichuan Province and Tibet in Mangkang County in Tibet. The restaurants are also gathering in the street from the government office to the passenger station.

We kindly recommend the restaurant of Home Noodles. It is highly praised by lots of tourists so that it becomes more popular for the delicious taste.

Mangkang County in Tibet – Attraction

Most of the Tibetans in Mangkang County believe in Tibet Buddhism culture, but people who live in Yanjing area in Mangkang County believe in Catholicism. The Catholic Church is available in Mangkang County. Guozhuang Dancing is also popular in Mangkang County.

The most amazing attractions in Mangkang County are the Ancient Tea-horse Road, Cliff sculptures of Tubo Dynasty, the Catholic Church, big canyon, and hot spring, etc.

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