Lolong County in Tibet
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Lolong County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 8th, 2013

Lolong County in Tibet

Lolong County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Lolong County is located in the east part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the southwest part of Qamdo Prefecture, the southeast part of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain and the upper reaches of Nu River. It lies at north latitude 30°15' – 31°15' and the east longitude 95°20' – 96 °32'. The average elevation of Lolong County is about 3200 meters high. Chito Town is the center of Lolong County and it is the political, economical, and cultural center. In the east, Lolong County adjoins Basu County in Tibet. In the south, it adjoins Bome County. In the west, it adjoins Byanpa County. In the north it adjoins Tingqing County and Riwoqe Count in Tibet. It stretches approximately 127 kilometers long from the east to the west, and about 95 kilometers long from the south to the north.

Lolong County in Tibet – Geography

Lolong County is situated in the middle reaches of Nu River. There are all plateau mountain lands in Lolong County. There are full of high mountains, deep valleys, vast grasslands, thick primitive forests and interlaced rivers, etc. The complex terrain of Lolong County is higher in the south part but lower in the north part. It tilted to the southeast part shaped like a sector. The average elevation is about 3200 meters high and the relative height is about 2500 meters.

The major mountain in Lolong County in Tibet is Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain Range. The main peak of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain is about 5488 meters high. Most of the peaks of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain Range are covered by the ice all the year round.

Lolong County lies in the middle reaches of Nu River. Nu River is originated from the Tanggula Mountain in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The upper reaches of Nu River are named Black River but also called "Kalaqyu" in Tibetan language. Nu River flows into Indian Ocean finally via Tibet region, Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province. The section of Nu River in Lolong County is about 100 kilometers long. The annual runoff volume of Nu River is 2.7 billion cubic meters. Besides Nu River, there are some other rivers in Lolong County in Tibet such as Reqyu River, Maqyu River and Daqyu River, etc.

Lolong County in Tibet – Climate

Chito Town is located in the middle part of Lolong County and features the plateau temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. The duration of sunshine is longer but the temperature is lower. The temperature difference is obviously large in daytime and night. The dry season and the rainy season are clearly demarcated. The winter is very cold and it lasts very long in a year.

Lolong County in Tibet – Temperature

The annual temperature of Lolong County is about 5.1 ?. The maximum temperature appears in July and it is about 14.5 ?, and the minimum temperature is about -10.1?. The average temperature is about 14.5?. The annual duration of sunshine lasts more than 2500 hours. The frostless period lasts 120 days. The annual precipitation is about 439.7 millimeters. The annual relative humidity is about 50-55%. The solar radiation is about 670.6 Joule/m2.

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