Langxan County in Tibet
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Langxan County in Tibet

Update: Jan. 18th, 2013

Langxan County


In Tibetan language, Lang literally means "the appearance". In 1982 Langxan County is governed by Nyingchi Prefecture when Nyingchi Prefecture established. Langxan County is located in the southwest part of Nyingchi Prefecture, but the north part of Himalaya Mountain, the middle-down reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River. It is border on Milin County in the east, and adjoins Nyingchi Prefecture and Kongpu Gyangda in the north. It is border on Gyatsa County in the west and adjoins India in the south. It covers an area of 4200 square kilometers in total. The center of Langxan is about 240 kilometers away from Bayi Town of Nyingchi Prefecture, and about 420 kilometers away from Lhasa City.

Langxan County in Tibet – Climate

Langxan County features the plateau temperature semi-arid monsoon climate. It is not very hot in summer or extreme cold in winter. There is a lot of rainfall in summer and autumn. The climate is a little arid in spring and winter with strong wind. The annual precipitation is approximately 600mm and mainly happens from May to September. The rainfall usually happens in the midnight.

Langxan County in Tibet – Geography

Langxan County is characteristic of the valley landform of southeastern Tibet region. Yarlung Zangbo River flows through Langxan County in Tibet from the west to the east. Langxan County is divided into the north part and the south part by Yarlung Zangbo River. The south part of Langxan County is located in the north area of Himalaya Mountain Range, and the highest elevation is 6157.9 meters. The north part of Langxan County is located in the south area of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain Range, and the highest elevation is 5572 meters. A shape of the letter "V" of a large valley has been formed by the two mountains. The lowest elevation of the valley is 3016 meters, and the highest elevation is 3141.9 meters.

Langxan County in Tibet – Transportation

There is only 1 village of Langxan County in Tibet is impassable as of now. After the completion of Miling County – Langxan Provincial Road, it is about 3-4 hours driving from Langxan County to Bayi town. The project of road construction between Lhasa and Nyingchi Prefecture via Langxan County is under way.

Ride a Horse

Langxan County in Tibet is characteristic of vast region and high elevation. But the general living condition is not as good as in other counties such as Tsanang County and Naidong County in Tibet. The highway is impassable in the pasture. Therefore people in Langxan County in Tibet are good at riding a horse.

Take a Wooden Boat

When people cross a river, there is only the wooden boat available in Langxan County in Tibet. The little wooden boat is made of two trunks. People hollowed the center of the trunks and then split joint together. It is a little dangerous on a rainy day.

Langxan County in Tibet – Attraction

Par Qyude Monastery

Par Qyude Monastery is located in the hillside of Langxan County in Tibet. It covers an area over 2000 square meters.

Par Qyude Monastery was firstly constructed in AD 1195 by Living Buddha. It was originally highly respected by Buddhists of Kagyu Sect and then changed to Gelug Sect. It is one of the largest monasteries along the river bank of Yarlung Zangbo River in Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet.

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