Chome County in Tibet
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Chome County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 6th, 2013

Chome County in Tibet

Chome County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Chome County is located in the north part of Himalaya Mountain and the south part of Tibet Region. It covers an area of 4595.04 square kilometers. Chome County belongs to the valley area of plateau Lake Basin. The mineral resources include sulfur, antimony, graphite, agate, and cinnabar, etc. Besides, Chome County is rich in the geothermal resource, too. Chome County is also famous for the fantastic scenic spots such as Mowogyue Monaastery. Mowogyue Monastery is located approximately 2 kilometers far from the east part of county center. It has been constructed for a hundred years history and highly respected by Nyingma Sect.

Chome County in Tibet – History

There are many outstanding figures from Chome County in Tibet history. Even though some of them became the legends of this mysterious land, the historical relics were said to be witness that splendid time. For example, the historical relics include Lasado Tombs of Bon Sect, Yalaxangpu Sacred Mountain of Bon Sect, the Dregu Holy Lake of Bon Sect, etc.

In Tibet Buddhism history, Chome County also played a very important role. There are full of different religions and monasteries in Chome County, such as Maowogyu Monastery and Nyaixi Monastery. Both of them were highly respected by the Buddhists of Nyingma Sect.

In AD 18th Century, Shatsong Chirenwonggye wrote the first full-length novel of Tibet. He was born in Chome County. In 1728, he was appointed to be the officer of the local government. In the mean time, he successfully escorted the 6th Dalai Lama – Tsangyang Gyatso from Lhasa to Litang of Sichuan Province and highly praised by the Emperor Qianglong during Qing Dynasty. On 6th of October, 1763, he died of an illness in Lhasa City.

Chome County in Tibet – Geography

Chome County lies in the river valley area of plateau Lake Basin in the southern Tibet. The terrain of Chome County is higher in the north part but lower in the south part. The average elevation is about 4170 meters high. The relative height difference is about 500-800 meters high. The highest elevation is 6777 meters.

Chome County in Tibet – Climate

Chome County is characteristic of the plateau temperature semi-arid monsoon climate zone. The annual average temperature is about 8.2 ?. The extreme lowest temperature is about -18.2 ? and the extreme temperature is about 30.0 ?. The duration of sunshine in a year is about 2800 hours. The frostless period lasts about 90 days. The annual precipitation is approximately 300-400 mm.

Chome County in Tibet – Transportation

In 1999 there were 9 major highways in Chome County in Tibet. The overall length is 430 kilometers long. Dangxu town is the center of Chome County. It is 4200 meters high and covers an area of 2 square kilometers. The infrastructure constructions are all available in Dangxu town such as the business center, catering trade, financial, traffic system, post and telecommunications, radio and television, hospital and school, etc.

Chome County in Tibet – Attraction

There are 22 lakes in Chome County, which Dregu Holy Lake is the largest one. Dregu Holy Lake is located approximately 60 kilometers far from the northeast part of county center. It covers an area of 66 square kilometers. It is most beautiful in spring and summer. In addition, there is a hot spring beside Dregu Holy Lake.

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