Chola County in Tibet
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Chola County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 6th, 2013

Chola County

Chola County in Tibet – History

During the period of Tubo Dynasty, Chola area was managed by Yuru County. In AD 14 Century, Pazhu local authority built the political government in Chola. On May 5th, 1959, the People's government in Chola County was established. Since then on, Chola County was governed by Shannan Prefecture.

Chola County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Chola County is located in the southeast part of Himalaya Mountain Range and the south part of Tibet Autonomous Region. Acted as one of the important boundary counties in Tibet Autonomous Region, it is border on India in the south. In the west, it adjoins the kingdom of Bhutan. The boundary line in Chona County is 268 kilometers long, which the boundary line of Tibet and India is 213 kilometers long, and the one of Tibet and the Kingdom of Bhutan is 55 kilometers long. Chola County covers an area of 34979 square kilometers. Chona County is 4380 meters high in Tibet Region. It is approximately 400 kilometers far from Lhasa City and about 220 kilometers far from Tsedang County of Shannan Prefecture.

Chola County in Tibet – Climate

Himalaya Mountain Range is available throughout the entire area of Chola County. There are two types of climate in Chola County. In the south part of Himalaya Mountain Range, there is semi-humid climate zone and humid climate zone. In the north part of Himalaya Mountain Range, there is plateau semi-arid monsoon climate zone. The former one is characteristic of the short duration of sunshine, and the latter one is characteristic of the less rain, lower temperature, strong wind in winter and spring, and long duration of sunshine.

Chola County is 4380 meters high. The annual average temperature is -0.6?. In the hottest month the average temperature is about 7.8 ? and in the coldest month the average temperature is about -10?. The extreme highest temperature is 18 ? and the extreme coldest temperature is about -37?. The duration of sunshine in a year is 2588 hours. The frostless period lasts 49 days. The annual precipitation is 384.3 mm in a year.

Chola County in Tibet – Geography

Chola County is located in the valley area of Lake Basin of Himalaya Mountain Range area in the southern Tibet. The terrain of Chola County is higher in the north but lower in the south. The elevation difference is more than 7000 meters. The highest elevation is 7060 meters and the lowest elevation is 18 meters. The north of Kanggedo Mountain of Chola County in Tibet is the plateau area. The average elevation is over 4000 meters high. The elevation is gradually lower to the south part of Kanggedo Mountain.

Chola County in Tibet – Transportation and Religion

All the roads in Chola County in Tibet were opened to traffic except one small village. There are 9 age-old monasteries with profound history. They respectively belong to Red Sect (Nyingma Sect), White Sect (Kagyu Sect), Yellow Sect (Gelug Sect), Colorful Sect (Sakya Sect) and Butong Sect, etc. The famous monasteries are Gyewong Monastery, Dawong Monastery, Gongpazi Monastery, Zhatong Monastery, and Kada Monastery, etc.

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