Chayu County in Tibet
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Chayu County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 5th, 2013

Chayu County

Chayu County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Chayu County is located in the southeastern Tibet. To the east, Chayu County adjoins Deqyen County of Yunnan Province and the south part of Zuogong County of Qamdo Prefecture. To the south, it is border on India and Burma. To the south it adjoins Medog County. To the north it adjoins Zuogong County, and Basu County. It is approximately 537 kilometers far from Bayi Town of Nyingchi Prefecture, and about 397 kilometers far from Bangda Airport of Qamdo Prefecture. It is about 960 kilometers far from Lhasa City. The boundary line is 588.64 kilometers long.

Chayu County in Tibet – Geography

Chayu County is located in the southeast part of Tibet plateau. It is the junction of Himalaya Mountain and Hengduan Mountain Range. There are full of thick forests, deep valleys and long rivers. There is lots of rainfall in Chayu County in Tibet. Chayu County is rich for the agricultural products, medical materials, mineral resources, and livestock product. The famous Meili Snow Mountain is located in Chayu County in Tibet, which attracts lots of tourists to visit every year.

Chayu County in Tibet – Climate

Chayu County is situated in the valley area of Himalaya Mountain and Hengduan Mountain Range. The terrain is higher in the north part but lower in the south part. The altitude difference in Chayu County is obvious. The elevation of the south edge of the valley is only 1400 meters high, but there are more than 10 mountains which stands 5000 meters high. Meili Snow Mountain is the highest mountain and it is 6700 meters high. The average elevation of Chayu County is 2300 meters high.

It is characteristic of the Subtropical humid climate zone. The climate is moderate in four seasons. There is lots of sunshine and rainfall. The duration of sunshine is 1615.6 hours. The annual precipitation is 793.9mm.

Chayu County in Tibet – Local Products

The special local products in Chayu County in Tibet are lucid ganoderma, Gama Apple, Medog banana, fried lamb chop, Tsampa, butter tea, highland barley wine, Tibet yoghurt and Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, etc.

Chayu County in Tibet – Accommodation

The hostels and hotels are both centralized in Bayi Town, the center of Nyingchi Prefecture. If you travel to the scenic spots in Nyingchi Prefecture such as Pasongtso Lake, you can camp there as you wish.

Chayu County in Tibet – Transportation

Nyingchi Prefecture is one of the few virgin scenic spots in the world. Therefore, the transportation is not as convenient as it in Lhasa city. It is regarded as the mysterious land by lots of explorers and tourists.

As of now, you could directly fly to Nyingchi Prefecture from Chengdu and Chongqing, or take a bus from Lhasa to Nyingchi Prefecture. There are many flights to Lhasa city from other domestic cities of China such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xining, etc.

Chayu County in Tibet – Activity

The Mountain Walking Festival is held between June and July in summer. People will spend 1 day to walk around Sangdopairi Mountain.

Nyangpulasu Festival is held on 10th August according to Tibetan calendar in Kongpu Gyangda County. It includes the horse racing, enshrine and worship ceremony, etc.

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