Biru County in Tibet
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Biru County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 16th, 2013

Biru County

Biru County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Biru County is located in the east part of Ngari Prefecture of Tibet between Tanggula Mountain and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain. It lies in the upper reaches of Nu River. Biru County covers an area of 11429 square kilometers, which the agricultural acreage is about 33000 mu (1 mu ≈ 0.0007 square kilometers) and the woodland acreage is about 300000 mu. There are a lot of hills and snow mountains, valleys and rivers in Biru County in Tibet. The average elevation is about 4000 meters. Biru County is characteristic of the plateau subfrigid or temperate semi-humid monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is about 2.9 ?. The annual precipitation is about 580-650 mm. The frostless period lasts from October to April. The major rivers in Biru County are Nu River, Xiaqu River, Rufeng River, Baiqu River, and Bulongdian River. There is a highway directly leading to Ngari Prefecture from Biru County.

Biru County in Tibet – History

In Tibetan language, Biru literally means the female yak groups. In BC 4 Century Biru County was under the control of Suzi tribe. In the 7th Century, Songtsen Gampo beat the Suzi tribe and unified Tibet region. Biru County was managed by Suzi Region. In 1732, Biru County was managed by the officers who came from Qing Dynasty. After the Revolution of 1911, Biru County was governed by the local government. In the late September of 1959, Biru County Government has been established and governed by the Black River Region (Ngari Prefecture). In 1970, the name of Black River Region was changed to Ngari Prefecture. Biru County has been governed by Ngari Prefecture till now.

Biru County in Tibet – Geography

Biru County looks like a shape of a leaf. The terrain of Biru County is higher in the northwest part but lower in the southeast part. The entire region of Biru County is divided into the east part and the west part by the Damuyela Mountain. The west part of Biru County is about 4400 meters high and full of low mountains and hills. Most of the river valleys are 1-1.5 kilometers wide in the west part. The east part of Biru County is about 3800 meters high. There are full of high mountains and deep valleys. The elevation difference of the top of the mountain and the bottom of the mountain is about 1 kilometer deep.

Both of the Damuyela Mountain of Biru County and the Langela Mountain of Soxan County are the boundary of the east part and the west part of Ngari Prefecture. Damuyela Mountain is about 5014 meters high and the Langela Mountain is about 4744 meters high.

Biru County in Tibet – Transportation

The roads connecting the villages of Biru County are all opened to traffic as of now. in 1965, the highway between Ngari Prefecture and Qamdo Prefecture via Biru County was opened to traffic.

Biru County in Tibet – Attraction

Biru County is a little-known place of Tibet and regarded as a virgin tourist sport as of now. There are full of primitive forests and steep cliffs, high trees and cultural relics, etc. Besides, there are about 40 high mountains which are over 5000 meters high. In summer, the top of the mountains is covered by the snow, the mountainside is surrounded by the clouds, and the bottom of the mountains is full of beautiful flowers and green grass.

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