Basu County in Tibet
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Basu County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 4th, 2013

Basu County

Basu County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Basu County is located in the southeast part in Qamdo Prefecture, and the east part in Tibet Region. It is available in the upper reaches of Nu River. It is border on Zuogong County and Chaya County in the east and adjoins Chayu County in the south. In the west, it adjoins Lolong County and Bome County. In the north, it is border on Qamdo Prefecture and Leiwuqi County.

Basu County covers an area of 12564.28 square kilometers in total. Baima Town is the central town of Basu County, which is 3260 meters high. Baima Town is 266 kilometers far from Qamdo Town – the central town of Qamdo Prefecture, and approximately 861 kilometers far from Lhasa City.

Basu County in Tibet – Transportation

It is 550-kilometer-long road which has been opened to traffic. Bangda Airport is located in Basu County. There are about 3 airlines operated every week. The airline is Chengdu-Qamdo-Chengdu.

318 National Highway (Sichuan-Tibet Highway) and 214 National Highway (Qinghai-Yunnan Highway) are both available throughout Basu County in Tibet. The section of 318 National Highway is 279 kilometers long in Basu County.

Basu County in Tibet – Accommodation

Basu County is available in the confluence of three rivers in the mountain valley zone, located in the east part in Tibet Region. It is a relatively larger county along Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Both of the road condition and the accommodation condition are fine. The enthusiastic tourists of riding a bicycle, motorbike, or driving a car are highly suggested to have a rest in Basu County. The automobile repair is available in Basu County in Tibet, too.

As for the accommodation, we kindly suggest Blue Lake Hostel, Mangkang Hostel, Youth Inn, and Traffic Hostel, etc. Blue Lake Hostel is located in Baima Town and the Youth Inn is standing across from the post office. The internet, hot water, bed, and TV are usually provided in those hostels.

Basu County in Tibet – Food

The sheep blood could not be eaten separately. The blood should be poured into the small intestine and then cooked.

The making process is simply listed as following. Mince the mutton firstly. And then put some salt, pepper and Tsampa powder into the sheep blood and mixed with the mutton together. Next the put the mutton into the small intestine and tie it as many small sections. At last boil it in the water till it float off.

Basu County in Tibet – Activity

In May and June according to Tibetan calendar, different horse racings are usually held in Kongpu Gyangda County, Chaya, and Basu County, etc, in Qamdo Prefecture. It is said that the horse racing festival in Qamdo Prefecture has been succeeded by the King Gesar. King Gesar was a hero king who has once won the horse racing in ancient times.

Basu County in Tibet – Climate

The highest elevation in Basu County in Tibet is 5971 meters high. The climate feature in Basu County is characteristic of the plateau temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. There is lots of strong sunshine. The annual precipitation is 233.3mm.

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